Divine intervention.

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Finished my support letters! ❤#Africa #LittleDressesForAfrica #Malawi #SendMe #Help #SupportLetters #StampsAreExpensive
Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)
Brandon is sewing up a hole in my tights. I love him. (at The White house)
Finished!! 🎨
My favorite picture of Ryan.

Yes, I am a Christian.


Yes, I am a Christian.
No, I don’t hate gays.
No, I won’t shove the Bible down your throat.
No, I won’t tell non-Christians they’ll go to hell.
And no, I am no better than anyone else.
I was saved, by the Almighty King, and was put, on this planet, to love Him and the people He made, and to share the Gospel. Period.

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Hey everyone! Im so blessed to say that im going to Africa in August to serve with Little Dresses for Africa. I just turned in my application and $250 today. But i still have so much to raise!!! Anything helps, and i owe 1100 dollars by March 31st. I know if God wants me to go, he will provide. Please keep me and this trip in your prayers. Thank you! 

I love my friends